New solar tile allows even better use of roof area

8/13/19, 8:06 AM -

The flat solar roof tile from Nelskamp called Planum PV increases the previous performance by ten per cent.

New solar tile allows even better use of roof area
The Planum PV seamlessly integrates into the roof.

The Planum PV is a particularly interesting for builders and architects because on flat roofs the tile aesthetically merges with the classic architectural roof tile. At 1.5 metres wide, the Planum PV is slightly narrower than Nelskamp’s previous PV tiles. This allows a more efficient use of the roof surface, especially with hipped and tent roofs. The solar tile is secured with only three screws and can therefore be installed even more quickly.

Nelskamp offer a product warranty of ten years for the solar tile. The performance warranties are 90 per cent over ten years and 80 per cent over 25 years. (mfo)

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