More self-consumption of solar power

7/30/19, 8:02 AM -

Dafi's Smartfox Pro energy management system (EMS) from Austria helps to better use surplus solar power.

More self-consumption of solar power
A small box with a lot of smarts: Dafi’s Smartfox Pro

The energy management system has been continuously developed since 2012 – now the fourth generation is on the market. If there is too much solar output, an analogue outlet is used to variably activate a heating element via a power controller and thereby to heat water. The Smartfox Pro is equipped with four relay outlets and can control additional consumers such as a Smart Grid heat pump or air conditioners.

To charge an electric vehicle, the Smartfox charging station is operated in single-phase mode at 1.3 kilowatts. If there is a surplus of more than 4.3 kilowatts, the charging station switches to three-phase mode. It is possible to choose between surplus charging and forced charging. A universal RS485 interface is also available. The EMS is mounted to the DIN rail in the distribution cabinet and connected to the Internet router via LAN. (mfo)

The videos from the 2019 pv Guided Tours at The smarter E Europe (Intersolar Europe, ees Europe, Power2Drive, EM-Power) in Munich are now online.

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