Top products of the week

11/22/19, 7:02 AM -

A module with larger silicon wafers for more module output, a faster EV charger for charging with 22 kilowatts, an application that integrates planning and design and a series of secure and long-lasting glass-glass modules. These are our top products of the week:

One of our top products of the week: Secure and long-lasting glass-glass modules
With 24-hour summer sunlight in Spitzbergen, PV really comes into its own.

The Sonnenstromfabrik in Wismar now uses larger wafers in its solar modules. This increases the output of these modules.

Delta have just launched their AC MAX EV charger with a charging output 22 of kilowatts.

The new planning software from K2 Systems now has a direct interface to the Sunny Design design tool from SMA.

Luxor Solar’s 60-cell Secure Line glass-glass module is particularly suitable for applications where safety and longevity are key factors. (mfo)