Top products of the week

11/15/19, 7:06 AM -

A tool for planning the layout of electrical heating systems, a software providing up-to-date PPA transaction prices, a new smart module that is now available in Europe and an access port for making measurements in electrical cabinets without opening the panel door. These are our top products of the week:

One of our top products of the week: Up-to-date PPA transaction prices at your fingertips
Using the Get Quote function it is possible to submits an anonymous pricing request.

With the new E-Planer 2.0 tool from Viessmann, electrical underfloor heating systems can be designed with just a few mouse clicks.

Pexapark has recently launched its PPA software, Pexaquote, with the aim of promoting price transparency in renewables markets.

The smart modules with integrated power optimisers that SolarEdge presented at this year’s Intersolar in Munich are now available for the European residential PV market.

Fluke has introduced the PQ400 electrical measurement window, which allows direct access to voltage and current sensors inside a live panel.