Up-to-date PPA transaction prices at your fingertips

1/7/20, 8:00 AM -

Pexapark has recently launched its PPA software, Pexaquote, with the aim of promoting price transparency in renewables markets.

Up-to-date PPA transaction prices at your fingertips
Using the Get Quote function it is possible to submits an anonymous pricing request.

Based on Pexapark’s proprietary simulation engine, Pexaquote calculates prices for a number of standard offtake deal structures (annual baseload, monthly baseload and pay-as-produced) across most relevant geographies and tenors. Prices are updated daily based on current electricity market data and reflect all pricing components, including risk-based price adjustments. The platform facilitates negotiations by putting transaction prices at a fingertip, providing relevant frame of reference guaranteed to be in line with market rates.

Pexaquote also has a Get Quote function, which submits an anonymous pricing request to select offtakers. In addition to supporting the energy stakeholders in the negotiation process, Pexaquote provides insights into what is going on in the market as well as reporting on the latest transactions.

Pexapark have contributed to the European Renewable Energy Buyer's Toolkit. (mfo)