Top products of the week

10/18/19, 7:02 AM -

A 22-kilowatt EV charger, a sustainable mobile charging station using upcycled solar hardware, a tracker optimised for bifacial modules and a containerised battery-hybrid power generator. These are our top products of the week:

One of our top products of the week: Sustainable solar using upcycled solar hardware
The SolarHub brings power anywhere the sun shines – even when it does not.

Delta have just launched their AC MAX EV charger with a charging output 22 of kilowatts.

SunCrafter manufactures maintenance-free solar generators from second-hand solar modules that would otherwise be scrapped.

The Schletter Group has presented a version of its tracker optimized bifacial modules, which is now sold in Europe, Africa and Australia.

Firefly Hybrid Power are just announcing the launch of their latest hybrid power solution: the PowerPlus Hybrid Power Generator. (mfo)