Solarnova offers translucent PV modules to market, especially made for building integrated solar systems

5/27/16, 10:26 AM -

The new PV modules from the series Sol GT Translucent by Solarnova combine individuality with standard modules. Its translucent back sheet offers new design options. This allows installers to win over customers focusing on a PV system's aesthetics.

The roof integrated module combines power generation an high quality architecture.

Manufacturer Solarnova from Germany can adapt the cell's colour. The palette ranges from pink, green and red to gold. Demand for golden cells has especially seen a strong increase in Arab states. The variant with 60 monocrystalline cells has eleven percent translucency. Its performance is equal to that of standard modules with its 284 Watt. The 45-cell module stands out thanks to its 33 percent translucency and an output of 213 Watt. Both modules are available with black or silver aluminium frames.

The modules are usable in many ways

The modules can be used in many ways: In South and Central America they can be used in overhead glazings and facades. On top the modules provide shade as well. The photo shows the HS Hotsson Hotel in Léon, Mexico. In Germany the translucent modules are mainly of interest for roof systems used to preserve monuments, since they do not affect a building's appearance as much as conventional PV systems. (HS)