Intersolar In Munich: Fronius Is Making Energy Systems More Intelligent And More Efficient

3/31/16, 11:59 AM -

At the Intersolar trade fair in Munich, Fronius from Austria will be presenting solutions for making our energy systems more intelligent and more efficient - from a local network for family homes to national grids. Visitors will find the company on booth B3.310, where it will be showcasing new products, technologies, technical support options and services that not only benefit the PV system owner but that also make life easier for the installer and planner.

Fronius looks forward to seeing European installers on the booth B3.310.

Fronius is one of the leading European inverter and battery storage suppliers especially for residential and commercial use. In addition, the solutions will help grid operators to easily integrate more renewable energy into their grids. The leading goal of Fronius is this ambitious vision: “24 hours of sun”. “The path to 24 hours of sun inevitably leads to an intelligent and efficient energy system”, says Martin Hackl, Head of Fronius’ solar department. “We will be presenting this holistic approach in the form of various solutions that contribute to the efficient and intelligent generation, storage, distribution and consumption of solar energy,”

Optimized feed-in management

An increasing number of grid operators in various countries are stipulating a PV power feed-in limit as a precondition before a system may be connected to the grid. In many cases, this can even mean zero feed-in. With dynamic power reduction, Fronius is offering a solution for optimum feed-in management.

The inverter supplies the household consumers with energy first and then reduces the system output to the maximum energy feed-in permitted by the grid operator. In extreme cases, zero feed-in is also a possibility, meaning that no PV power is fed into the grid. The relevant requirements of the grid operator can be fulfilled by simply applying a setting on the inverter's web interface.

Intelligent management of energy flows

The intelligent management of energy flows offers customers a whole host of benefits. Multi Flow Technology from Fronius has been specially developed for this purpose: it controls an extremely wide range of storage system energy flows at the same time and in all directions.
This results in a number of practical application options.

For example, all the functions are built into the Fronius Symo Hybrid so that it can be upgraded into a comprehensive storage solution at any time. The size of the storage unit is then adapted in line with the system owner's power consumption and can also be expanded at any time.

Storage system easily integrated

Not only can a Fronius storage system be easily integrated into an existing PV system, but it can also be seamlessly retrofitted into wind turbines or CHP plants. Sometimes it may be necessary to replace a faulty inverter in an existing photovoltaic installation; a process which the Fronius Symo Hybrid makes unbelievably easy.

The system owner can decide whether they want a storage unit installed now or at a later date, depending on their individual needs and circumstances. The Fronius system is also equipped for applications that are yet to come, such as flexible energy tariffs.

Efficiency as a new benchmark

All these application options not only make the system owner more efficient, but they have the same effect on the installer and planner too. As such the Fronius storage solution is setting new standards in the solar industry and is making another huge step towards 24 hours of sun.

New solution for optimizing self-consumption

Presented by Fronius for the first time, a new solution for optimizing the rate of self-consumption will be on display. “The generation of heat is becoming an important issue, including the ability to incorporate this into an energy management system”, explains Martin Hackl. (HS)
At Intersolar Europe in Munich, 22nd to 24th June 2016: Hall B3, booth B3.310