IBC Solar: control EV charging, heat pumps, storage and mains electricity supply

7/5/19, 1:59 PM -

Video: As part of the pv Guided Tours 2019 at The smarter E Europe in Munich, IBC Solar presented the open energy platform Efa.

IBC Solar presented the open energy platform Efa this year. It controls EV charging technology, heat pumps, electricity storage and the supply of mains electricity. In addition, the company presented its own high-voltage storage unit: era:powerbase. Learn more about the innovations of IBC Solar on the pv Guided Tour at The smarter E Europe in Munich.

The battery cells in the era:powerbase are manufactured in Korea. The battery modules, the power electronics and the housing are assembled in Germany. Each battery module (2.5 kilowatt hours) weighs 22 kilograms, the housing with the control module comes in at 30 kilos.

The storage unit can be set up and connected by just one person. It is available in capacities between 7.5 and 15 kilowatt hours (from three to six battery modules). Three storage units can be connected in parallel using SMA's Sunny Boy Storage.

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