Ferroamp, Indielux and SMA awarded

6/28/18, 11:36 AM -

Sector coupling was in the centre of the “Smart Renewable Energy” category of the The smarter E AWARD 2018. The winners were the start-ups Ferroamp, Indielux and SMA.

SMA was one of the three winners of The smarter E AWARD in the "Smart Renewable Energy" category with its ennexOS Platform.
SMA was one of the three winners of The smarter E AWARD in the "Smart Renewable Energy" category with its ennexOS Platform.

The smarter E AWARD celebrates 2018 its premiere. In the “Smart Renewable Energy” category, there was a strong trend towards sector coupling, this is the linking of electricity, heat and mobility. Here, the electrification of the heat and mobility sectors is clearly the driving factor.

Ferroamp Elektronik: PowerShare Technology with “bottom-up” approach

Created from bottom up rather than top down, PowerShare technology is a modular system based on a local 760 V DC nanogrid that feeds energy from one or more common PV installations to multiple users. PowerShare Technology allows flexible integration of PV systems, energy storage, small scale wind and electric vehicle charging. A local bidirectional inverter at each user controls the flow of energy between the DC nanogrid and the user. The technology can also be used to share centralized energy storage among multiple users. The system brings a significant increase in PV self-consumption at a much lower cost than batteries. Further, load peaks at one user can be distributed among other users to reduce peak load drawn from the public AC grid.

The Jury was impressed by the sophisticated shareability the technology promotes, which increases utilization of renewable energy with a higher cost-effectiveness. Integration of multiple energy sources and consumers, reduced conversion losses in the DC/DC system compared to DC/AC systems, and the improved security of a back-up solution on a DC grid were also factors in the jury’s decision. Target markets are Nordic countries in which the technology is allowed and developing countries where an investment in a DC nanogrid is attractive due to the limitations of the existing grid infrastructure. There is market potential in other European countries pending regulatory adjustments.

Indielux: ready2plugin – the safe plug-in

The first system of its kind, ready2plugin enables the safe plug-in of PV panels and battery storage into regular sockets without an electrician. An inverter protocol and application for any smart home system, the ready2plugin algorithm allows a feed power level of up to 1.8 kW into a home circuit.  The algorithm prevents overheating of the electrical installation and can be installed on smart home hubs or integrated into existing systems or storage devices. As a standalone solution, the system functions as in-house energy management – in the event of power feedback into the grid it can mitigate the electricity demand of the consumer cell. In addition, the ready2plugin device provides a cost-effective way to track electricity usage.

The jury feels that this system is an important step in the democratization of the energy transition, giving “Power to the People,” and promoting the integration and participation of broad layers of society in decentralized renewable energy use. By ensuring the permissible current load in the circuit, the system is a cost-effective, standard-compliant plug & play solution. Ready2plugin holds promise for distribution via hardware stores, utilities and manufacturers of PV modules and storage systems.

SMA: ennexOS Platform – the cross sector IoT platform

ennexOS stands for Energy Next Operating System, and is a new cross sector IoT platform for energy management. It combines the heating, cooling, electricity, and mobility sectors in one platform, providing solutions along the whole value chain. Tools for cross-sector simulation, commissioning, monitoring, and control are fully integrated to provide support for installers and end customers so they can benefit from future business models in the digitalized energy markets. ennexOS is an open communication infrastructure that provides access to the flexibility of residential, commercial, and utility installations.

The system’s holistic approach, the modular and expandable design and cross-sector IoT platform concept were honored by the jury, as well as the focus on larger commercial and industrial applications. The combination of various applications – from data acquisition and analysis, planning & simulation, energy management and operations & maintenance – all contribute to the optimization of energy consumptions and energy cost. ennexOS is an important step in the digitization of the transition to renewable energy. (HCN)

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