Solar Frontier surpasses 4GW of module sales, increasing shipment areas by 11 countries including Norway

10/13/16, 2:05 PM -

Solar Frontier total cumulative shipments of its CIS thin-film solar panels have surpassed 4GW, now reaching approximately 60 countries around the world. 

Solar Frontier`s main product are 175 W panels, starting this month. The Japanese based company is the largest manufacturer of CIS solar modules.

Some of the 11 new countries that have had approximately 1GW of modules shipped over the last year include Norway, Somalia and Mongolia.

175 W panels as main product

Sustaining this shipping has been Solar Frontier’s Kunitomi plant with a nominal annual production capacity of 900MW. It started commercial production in 2011 and has been fully operational since then. This month the Kunitomi Plant started manufacturing solar panels with an output of 175 Watt as a main product. 

Advantages in high temperatures or partial shading

This accomplishment is the result of Solar Frontier’s CIS thin-film solar panels boasting the advantages of delivering outstanding power generation capabilities and economical and environmental advantages in real-working conditions – even in high temperatures or in partial shading –  as well as having the “Made in Japan” seal of quality that domestic and overseas customers can place their trust in”, company speaker Akane Yamiya said. (HCN)

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