Topic of the Week: Off-grid PV (Part 4): Powering festivals or e-mobility anywhere and sustainably

2/20/20, 5:05 PM -

SunCrafter manufactures maintenance-free solar generators from second-hand solar modules that would otherwise be scrapped.

Sustainable solar using upcycled solar hardware
The SolarHub brings power anywhere the sun shines – even when it does not.

Sometimes the simple solutions are the easiest when it comes to off-grid PV:

The Berlin-based start-up SunCrafter uses upcycled second-hand solar modules to build solar generators for off-grid applications. These are available in two variants and are made with what are known as early-loss modules that nevertheless still produce power: The EasyPanel is simply a solar module with 200 watts of output that can reliably power a variety of low-power appliances for a long time. The SolarHub on the other hand comes with a stand and is equipped with a 12 volt battery. That gives it applications that other solar systems do not have.

For instance, the SolarHub is fully self-contained and can be set up in remote areas for festivals or other events to allow guests to charge their phones and mobile devices where there is no grid access. Another use case for the SolarHub is as a charging station for micro-e-mobility vehicles in urban settings. Being off-grid capable means that the units can be set up anywhere, independent of a mains power supply. And because it runs on only 12 volts and is sturdy and waterproof, handling and setting up a SolarHub is safe and requires no special training.

SunCrafter have also recently been awarded the Green Product Award in the Sustainable Design category. (mfo)

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