Topic of the Week: BIPV (Part 3): A solar module as white as a wall

2/5/20, 5:02 PM -

In addition to their film for covering solar modules, Solaxess has now also introduced a white facade element.

Specialised film for coloured modules
Theoretically impossible but nonetheless true: These panels only reflect visible light.

Physically, it should not be possible to produce white solar modules that still produce electricity. After all, if a module appears white, then only because it reflects the entire spectrum of sunlight. Which then would leave no more light for electricity production.

This week's topic of the week is BIPV. In other words, integrating the solar generators into the building envelope as much as possible. Thus, what could be a better way to 'hide' a solar module than to make it the same colour as is generallly used for facades, i.e. white?

Researchers at the Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique (CSEM) in Neuchâtel have developed a light filter that reflects only the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum and is transparent to the invisible parts. This makes white, light grey or anthracite solar modules possible. These are the colours in which Solaxess has specialised.

The Swiss company has taken over the production and marketing of the specialised film. It does not manufacture any modules itself, but supplies the film to module manufacturers, who then apply it to the solar panels during production. In the meantime, Solaxess has also introduced their own white aluminium facade element for electricity generation. (mfo)

Here, in case you missed them, are Part 1 and Part 2 of our current series. Tomorrow we will see in more detail, how BIPV can work.