Thin-film technology with increasing in efficiency

8/28/19, 8:04 AM -

For the first time, thin-film modules from Calyxo TS Solar are almost as efficient as crystalline modules.

Thin-film technology with increasing in efficiency
Calyxo TS Solar’s thin-film modules are now well within range of their crystalline counterparts.

The company based in Bitterfeld-Wolfen in north-eastern Germany is now achieving a new average efficiency of 16.5 per cent instead of 13 per cent for their modules. According to the company, the output per module has been increased by around 25 per cent from an average of 90 watts to over 118 watts. Together with the parent company TS Group, Calyxo have further developed the solar modules made of cadmium telluride, and after five months have achieved a new high.

Thanks to the spectral efficiency, limited angular dependence and temperature resistance, the new efficiency of 16.5 per cent is for the first time within range of the real-world efficiency of crystalline modules of between 19 and 22 per cent. The performance of the new modules was confirmed by an independent study conducted by the University of Coburg. (mfo)

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