Square solar panel to integrate in roof

10/29/19, 8:00 AM -

For its in-roof system, the Austrian manufacturer Kioto Solar has developed a nearly square solar panel with a surface area of about one square metre.

Square solar panel to integrate in roof
The panels’ smaller size allows more efficient use of the available roof area.

Due to their convenient format and the weight of only 19 kilograms, which is comparatively light for frameless double glass panels, the Kioto Solar laminates are easy to install. Also, the roof area can be used more effectively than with larger panels.

The 36 black monocrystalline cells are not only an aesthetic roof covering, but also provide an output of 170 watts. Extrapolated to a standard panel with 60 cells, this would be an output of 283 watts. The panel has external dimensions of 1,050 by 986 millimetres. Kioto Solar also offer even narrower panels as part of their portfolio to allow better installation at the roof edges. These have twelve cells and an output of 50 watts. The weight of only nine kilograms is particularly convenient for the technician, who does not have to heft a heavy standard size double glass panel onto the roof. (mfo)