Solar tiles that hide in plain sight

9/11/19, 8:03 AM -

The PV Premium photovoltaic roof tile from Braas turns a roof into more than a protective covering.

Solar tiles for functional roofs
Braas have created a solar roof system that becomes an integral part of the roof covering.

In the field of building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), solar roof tiles are gaining in popularity, because they make it possible to hide PV panels in plain sight. With their PV Premium, Braas have created a roof system that not only generates green solar electricity, but is also impressive in terms of its design and aesthetics. With a covering length of between 335 and 340 millimetres and a covering width of 1.8 metres, it replaces six of the conventional Braas Tegalit roof tiles. The PV Premium is also available with a covering length between 350 and 355 millimetres which can thus be combined with the Turmalin tile. This results in a sleek, harmonious appearance.

Each module consists of 22 monocrystalline solar cells which, being black, blend in well with the rest of the roof. The Premium PV fulfills all regulations regarding fire resistance, rain protection and ventilation. With an output of 100 watts and a surface area of 1.6 square metres per tile, the system requires 16 square metres of roof area to generate one kilowatt. (mfo)

Solar tiles are just one aspect of BIPV.