Solar modules for home applications in varying sizes

2/5/20, 8:04 AM -

Berlin-based OPES Solutions provides PV modules for Solar Home Systems and Pay-As-You-Go Systems.

Solar modules for home applications in varying sizes
Given this variety of sizes, the range of home applications is almost limitless.

In addition to their solar collectors for more specialised and off-grid applications, OPES offer a series of home solar modules. These range in output from 12 watts to 200 watts and come in sizes between 44 by 66 centimetres and 1.32 and 0.98 metres. The modules are available as both poly- and mono-crystalline variants. Models O-Home 400 through 1500 come with 36 cells arranged in four strings and the OH 2000 has 72 cells and 6 strings.

The modules come with an aluminium frame and a laminated and hardened front glass that can be cleaned with any cleaning machine. The backsheet is fluoride-based and can be had in either black or white. For better monitoring, the serial number of the module is printed on the front. OPES Solutions grant a five-year product warranty and a performance warranty up to 80 per cent of 25 years on their modules. (mfo)