Each cell with a bypass diode

3/25/19, 8:01 AM -

AE Solar are presenting a solar panel that is not affected by hot spots or shading.

Each cell with a bypass diode
Each cell has its own bypass diode, so that shading will no longer affect the rest of the cell string.

The AE Smart Hot-Spot Free solar panel by AE Solar is unaffected by shading. Each of the 60 or 72 cells of a panel is protected by its own bypass diode. The Fraunhofer CSP certified that only three percent loss of power occurs when one cell is shaded, compared to 30 percent when a standard module is shaded.

The trick: The string current goes through the bypass diode when shading occurs. The remaining 20 cells in the cell string continue to produce electricity. The diodes that bridge the cells were developed together with a diode manufacturer. The interconnection was integrated into the stringing process. The 72-cell panels are available in performance classes from 345 to 370 watts. AE Solar offers a 30 year power and 12 year product warranty. (mfo)

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