Roof-integrated systems for London homes

3/10/20, 8:00 AM -

In cooperation with the technical department of Gridparity, the British company Sunfixing has developed a roof-integrated system.

Roof-integrated systems for London homes
The clear glass panels allow the home owners look up into the sky.

The first tasks when designing the mounting system were testing and producing of the aluminium profiles and silicone seals so that they could be installed to match the glass-glass modules. After passing all tests for resistance to water and weather as well as for structural integrity, the system was installed on site. Each eco-house in Romford, London required 29 photovoltaic modules with an output of eight kilowatts. The layout also included six transparent structural glass panels that allowed the homeowner to see the sky. The strength, quality and exact dimensions made installation simple and smooth for the partner companies in the UK. (mfo)

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