Pre-assembled flat roof system

1/30/19, 8:01 AM -

Hanwha Q-Cells have thoroughly redesigned their flat roof mounting system. The system comes to the building site almost fully assembled.

Mostly pre-assembled flat roof system
Q.Flat-G5: Thoroughly redesigned and improved.

The manufacturers of solar panels, Hanwha Q-Cells, have thoroughly redesigned their mounting system for flat roofs, Q.Flat-G5. The system comes to the building site in almost fully assembled form, and because the base for mounting the panels is folded into the bottom rail, the overall package is actually relatively compact. All the technician has to do is to lay out the long side of the system in a straight line and unfold the supports. The hinge is fixed in place by applying a little pressure to the middle support. After which, the panels can be mounted immediately.
Another simplification: The technician places the panel into the slot of the middle support, connects the cables and then lets it slide into the already pre-assembled lower panel bracket. This then merely has to be positioned over the panel frame and screwed into place. A cross brace – as people used to the previous model should be well aware of – stabilises the array and prevents the system from shifting across the roof. It also serves as a gauge for setting the distances between the bottom rails. (mfo)

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