A hybrid inverter for all types of solar module and string layout

10/28/19, 8:00 AM -

RCT Power’s hybrid DC inverter is flexible, simple and efficient. It allows a wide range of input voltages and is compatible with many storage systems.

A hybrid inverter for all types of solar module and string layout
The RCT Power Storage DC comes in a compact and lightweight housing made of durable aluminium.

The hybrid inverter RCT Power Storage DC is suitable for all batteries with an input range of 140V to 600V. Operating at such relatively high voltages keeps charging/discharging currents low and the temperature cycle within the battery at a minimum. Especially for Lithium-ion cells of all designs, this achieves a significantly increased battery lifetime compared to storage systems operating at lower voltages.

The RCT Power Storage DC series inverters have two independent solar MPP DC inputs allowing voltages ranging from 150 and 1,000 volts and a three-phase AC power output of four, five or six kilowatts for the 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 models respectively. An efficient heat sink that does not require the use of fans ensures silent and maintenance free cooling. This gives the Power Storage DC a low standby power consumption of under four watts and contributes to its maximum efficiency of between 98.16 and 94.4 per cent.

The entire system and its performance can be monitored via the RCT Power app. The firmware has relevant country parameters pre-installed and comes with integrated network services functions. The connection on both the AC and the DC sides requires no specialist tools – in fact, no tools whatsoever. (mfo)