The elegant way of heating with electricity

1/15/19, 8:00 AM -

Electric heating is becoming increasingly popular. In order to allow a variety of applications, the company Kermi from Plattingen in southern Germany offers two models of radiators: The Pateo with its soft curvy design and its more square counterpart Rubeo, which also has additional electric features.

Kermi Pateo and Rubeo electric radiators
Kermi’s vertically designed radiators even fit into tight spaces.

Because Kermi’s Pateo and Rubeo systems are vertically designed, both models elegantly fit into spaces that usually are hard to make use of, such as between floor-to-ceiling widows or in alcoves. Their so-called x2 technology makes them a good match for low-temperature systems and heat pumps. And it is exactly when combined in such a way that these radiators can unleash their full energy-saving potential.
The inside temperature can be regulated by different control units – from continuous regulation via a turning knob to a programmable remote control unit with an LCD display. The system also includes a booster to quickly heat up a space an well as a frost protection mode. (nhp/mfo)


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