Top products of the week

2/9/18, 8:00 AM -

Half-cut solar cells, a new energy manager that integrates e-mobility, charging systems for electric cars and a new energy package from Fronius. These are our top products of the week.

The energy package with the Fronius Solar Battery is already on the market.
The energy package from Fronius with the ohmpilot.

Hanwha Q-Cells announced its first solar module series with monocrystalline half-cut solar cells.

The new energy manager from Solarwatt smart e-Mobility app lets the customer choose whether to charge their electric vehicle cost-, time-, solar-power- or CO2-optimized manner.

Lapp Systems has demonstrated how flexible charging an electric vehicle can be with its charging systems.

In 2018 Fronius Solar Energy will be launching a new energy package including an inverter, the Fronius Checkbox and a storage unit from LG. (nhp)

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