Intelligent feed management

5/29/19, 8:05 AM -

The Solarwatt EnergyManager is an smart control unit for the energy supply in a household. It is handles both energy production and energy consumption at the same time.

Intelligent feed management
The EnergyManager can be controlled and monitored via Solarwatt’s online portal, which is connected to a mobile app.

“One World. One Mission. One System.” That was the motto of Solarwatt's presence at this year's Intersolar Europe. At the trade fair, the German premium manufacturer has demonstrated how to combine the energy revolution with sustainable transport and thermal energy by using Solarwatt’s integrated solar system, which had been expanded and improved with new features. Solarwatt’s Managing Director Detlef Neuhaus said: "The global fight against climate change will only be successful if we think about the sustainable energy transition, the transport transition and the thermal energy transition as one. Our solar system integrates all household applications that previously consumed a lot of fossil energy - heating, cooling, hot water, and mobility besides electric power generation itself. If many households each save just a fraction of conventionally generated energy this way, we will get a huge step closer to the necessary CO2 reduction. With a small contribution by many, the climate goals are much easier to achieve. This is a much better path than abstract discussions on the large amount of CO2 that still needs to be reduced worldwide."

EnergyManager: the brain of the decentral energy system

Central building block of the decentralised energy system is the EnergyManager. It links the components in such a way that all parts of the system mesh perfectly. Each household can thus integrate, control and optimise its entire energy supply. As an intelligent command centre, the EnergyManager not only measures and visualises the battery level of an electric vehicle, but also simultaneously optimises the charging process. Users thus have the choice between time-optimised or solar-optimised charging. This ensures that the vehicle can be charged with solar power generated by the user’s own PV system, which is environmentally friendly and reduces backfeeding.

The EnergyManager can now also integrate the heating element EGO Smart Heater into the energy system. It supplements the SG-ready interface for heat pumps with an easy-to-retrofit solution for water heating. Solarwatt thus creates further opportunities for sensibly using surplus solar energy directly at its source. (mfo)

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