Top products of the week

1/10/20, 7:05 AM -

A hybrid inverter and storage system, up-to-date PPA transaction prices at your fingertips, a storage system now available from Krannich Solar as well as a fast and an ultra-fast EV charger. Here are our top products of the week:

One of our top products of the week: Hybrid inverter and storage system
The hybrid inverter compensates for fluctuations in consumption within 100 milliseconds.

Kaco New Energy now offers the Blueplanet Hybrid 10.0 TL3 inverter.

Pexapark has recently launched its PPA software, Pexaquote, with the aim of promoting price transparency in renewables markets.

Photovoltaic wholesaler Krannich Solar now has the Neoom Blokk energy storage system from Austrian manufacturer W & Kreisel in its portfolio.

At CES 2020 in Las Vegas, EVBox is introducing its fast charger EVBox Troniq 100 and the redesign of the HPC, ultra-fast charger Ultroniq.