Top products of the week

12/6/19, 7:00 AM -

A semi-transparent solar module in larger formats, a modular in-roof mounting system, a pair of nifty shoes for walking on a solar array and a mounting system for trapezoidal sheet metal roofs. These are our top products of the week:

One of our top products of the week: Nifty shoes for walking on a solar array
The Ralos shoe can be used up to a roof pitch of 22 degrees.

The module manufacturer Solarnova has developed a semi-transparent crystalline module.

Braas have developed their Indax system to allow the integration of crystalline solar modules into pitched roofs. It is suitable for roof inclinations between 16 and 65 degrees.

In Munich, the innovators of Ralos presented their solar shoe. It allows walking on solar modules without additional aids.

The mounting systems manufacturers, IBC Solar, are adding to their IBC TopFix 200 family of trapezoidal elevators. (mfo)