Top products of the week

11/8/19, 7:04 AM -

A compact solar PV string inverter, a cleaning machine for tracking systems, yet another string inverter for large PV roofs and ground-mounted solar parks and a simple and stable tracker that works without motors. These are our top products of the week:

One of our top products of the week: A simple and stable tracker that works without motors
Using compressed air instead of motors significantly simplifies the entire system of the T29.

Delta’s three-phase string inverter with six MPP trackers provides high yields and flexibility for ground-mounted and commercial rooftop installations.

Sunbrush mobil has new brush that not only works better with tracking systems, but also helps in detecting possible faults.

KACO new energy’s blueplanet string inverters come with outputs between 87 and 150 kilowatts and are suitable for large roof installations and solar parks.

Sunfolding’s T29 operates in a fundamentally different way than other solar trackers. It uses compressed air to change the angle of the rows.