Top products of the week

6/21/19, 7:09 AM -

An analysis software that uses AI, a contact plate that provides conductivity, heating systems with fuel cells and an energy metre for EV charging stations. These are our top products of the week:

One of our top products of the week: Viessmann’s Vitovalor PT2
Suitable both for new-builds and retrofitting existing buildings.

Tel Aviv-based start-up Raycatch has developed a new generation of its AI-based software solution Deepsolar.

With a new contact sheet for the Novotegra flat roof mounting system, Baywa r.e. is focusing on lightning protection.

Viessmann are presenting a new generation of combined gas heaters and fuel cells.

Carlo Gavazzi, a manufacturer specialising in components for building automation, presents an energy metre for charging stations using three-phase loads. (mfo)

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