Top products of the week

5/15/20, 7:01 AM -

A mounting system with a ground rail, a commercial storage with safety concept, a cogeneration plant that runs on pure hydrogen and a new app for solar technicians. These are our top ptoducts of the week:

One of our top products of the week: A CHP that runs on pure hydrogen
Being able to run on pure hydrogen, natural gas and a mixture of the two creates greater flexibility.

Manufacturer IBC Solar is expanding its portfolio when it comes to the aerodynamic mounting system IBC Aerofix.

Hoppecke subsidiary Intilion has recently launching the Scalebloc lithium-ion storage system.

The company 2G Energy from Heek supplies the innovative hydrogen cogeneration plant to Apex Energy Teterow in Rostock-Laage.

Application software on mobile phones or tablets simplify everyday life. That is why SMA has developed the app SMA 360° for solar technicians. (mfo)