Top products of the week

3/27/20, 7:04 AM -

A tool for planning roof-mounted PV systems, an EV wall box compatible with any backend, a set of new fuses for solar systems and a compact energy metre for wall boxes. Here are our top products of the week:

One of our top products of the week: Tool for planning roof-mounted PV systems
The new tool not only allows installers faster planning and optimizing their processes.

With the new tool PVsit, Solarschmiede Software makes it easier for installers to carry out on-site inspections of grid-connected solar power systems.

Keba from Austria presents a wall box that complies with German calibration law for the consumption-based billing of charging output by the kilowatt hour.

Jean Müller, manufacturer of switchgear and protective devices, has expanded its portfolio of photovoltaic fuses.

The companies Charge IT mobility and Bauer Brothers have developed an energy metre that is to be used for the operation of AC charging systems in conformity with statutory calibration regulations. (mfo)