Topic of the Week: Energy management (Part 1): A system when things get complicated

4/14/20, 5:04 PM -

Software company Athion present their solution Athion Alpha, which is an energy management system for very complex applications.

An energy management systems for specialists
Athion Alpha allows the management of even quite complex systems.

This week we will present you with energy management solutions. Today it is the turn of the Athion Alpha software:

This modular software solution integrates any number of locations, multiple metres and IT systems, and also processes live data. User and data group management ensures that each user only receives the information they need. In Athion Alpha, the correlation tool can be used to easily and automatically calculate product-specific energy indicators via their linear regression. This visualises relative energy savings within the framework of the ISO50001:2018 standard.

Further highlights include the intuitive KPI formula editor for complex calculations of key indicators, pre-filled-in and automatically completed BAFA tables according to the requirements of the Peak Efficiency System Ordinance (SpaEfV) as well as the integrated and comprehensive project management tool for improvement measures. Within the scope of Bafa Module 3, the installation and operation of Athion Alpha are eligible for subsidy of up to 40 per cent. (mfo)

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