Solar advice: First have your roofs assessed!

12/18/19, 5:00 PM -

If you have large amounts of roof area, you should definitely use it for solar generators. Solar electricity substantially lowers your energy costs – if you know the devices that consume too much power!

Commercial rooftop installation.

It is a wise investment that will pay off within a few years; and generate a positive image. If you want to use solar electricity in your company to really reduce your energy costs, you need to go about it in a professional manner. First, you need to have all your roofs assessed to determine if they are suitable: structural integrity, accessibility and availability.

Who actually owns the roof? Generally speaking, it does not make a difference if the company, a lessor or the bank owns the roof. That is only significant, because it has tax or business ramifications.

Out-dated mercury lamps

Once your roofs have been assessed as suitable, you can start planning your solar generators. The more solar electricity you use on-site, the more cost-effective the investment will be. So it is important to know the company’s consumption patterns.

Identify those devices that use too much electricity. Often these can be eliminated even before you start planning to cover their usage with solar PV. Examples of such devices are out-dated mercury-vapour lamps or old ventilation systems, which can easily be replaced by new LEDs or efficient ventilators.

Intra-company power grid

Connecting solar generators to an intra-company power grid (a so-called on-site grid) usually is no problem, also in medium-voltage grids. The site metre marks the limit of the property. Within its own grid, a company can install solar generators, as long as it does not feed any power into the public grid. In that case, the permission of the local grid operator is required, which usually involves all kinds of extra bureaucracy. (HS)

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