SOLARWATT gets independent experts top rating for its glass-glass PV panels

7/28/16, 8:00 AM -

SOLARWATT has been awarded by leading European experts for the quality of its glass-glass solar PV modules as the company develops its UK partnership network.

SOLARWATT glass-glass PV Modules got highest ranking from independent European experts.

Stiftung Warentest, a respected independent consumer research organisation, wrote that SOLARWATT’s PV panels achieved the highest standard in a test by CLEAR, an initiative by the European Commission aimed at helping consumers choose suitable renewable-energy technologies. The recognition follows an earlier consumer accolade and comes as SOLARWATT starts bringing its advanced renewable-energy generation and management systems to homes in Britain.

Focus on assembly and lamination

Independent photovoltaic experts from European consumer organisations assessed the production of solar power generation modules made by a number of international manufacturers. The study focused on the assembly and lamination of both individual cells and entire modules. Also analysed were pre-manufacturing control procedures and post-production quality inspection processes. In all categories, SOLARWATT received the highest possible rating of five stars.

Study by UK consumer group Which?

Established in 1964, Stiftung Warentest has a considerable influence on consumer buying behaviours due to the German organisation’s reputation for independent, reliable research. The report referred to an earlier study published in September-October 2015 by Which?, the independent UK consumer group. That report awarded SOLARWATT the maximum five stars in each of four production categories and an overall five stars for manufacturing quality.

30-year product and performance guarantees

Pol Spronck, SOLARWATT’s International Sales Manager, said: "We are very pleased with these results, which confirm once again the high quality of our solar modules, with nothing left to chance during production“. He adds: “The quality and innovation in our components and production processes mean we can provide 30-year product and performance guarantees for our pioneering glass-glass modules since 1998. The latest generation of modules produced at our advanced production facility in Dresden feature two thin glass plates of 2mm each designed to be very light yet extremely durable and resistant to both environmental factors and corrosive substances such as ammonia and salt while being highly transparent for the highest possible guaranteed energy production."

Exceeding international standards

“This is further expert evidence of our product quality following the Which? tests. While the results of the tests were no surprise to us, they provide further assurance for our customers. SOLARWATT products are tested repeatedly at levels exceeding international standards", Spronck said. (HCN)

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