SMA Sunny Central inverters now certified compliant with global standards

9/26/16, 8:00 AM -

The world’s leading independent certification company Bureau Veritas certified the Sunny Central 2200/2500-EV central inverters from SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) in accordance with IEC standard 62109-1/2. In August, the Sunny Central 2500-EV-US for PV power plants   with 1500 V DC voltages was the first 1500 V central inverter  to  receive  the  UL-62109  certification  for North America. 

SMA Sunny Central 2200/2500-EV central inverters were independently certified in accordance with IEC standard 62109-1/2.

This constitutes official confirmation of compliance with international PV  inverter  standards. For SMA customers, certification means that major PV projects globally can be executed even more easily, more safely and more cost-effectively with SMA central inverters.

Product safety and compliance with global standards top priority

“We are proud that, in addition to the Sunny Central 2500-EV-US, which received UL-62109 certification for the North American market last month, the Sunny Central 2200 and 2500-EV have been suitably qualified for the markets globally,” said Boris Wolff, Executive Vice President of the Utility business unit at SMA. “Product safety and compliance with global standards are top priority at SMA. With this certification, SMA has once again provided impressive proof that the Sunny Central inverters are perfectly suitable for both present and future requirements. After all, independent confirmation of compliance with the valid technical standards is already today required in many important markets.”

Simplified approval process in emerging markets

Particularly in numerous newly emerging PV markets such as the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), local authorities and grid operators are very uncertain regarding the quality and grid conformity of Asian manufacturers, according to Wolff. The independent confirmation of compliance with technical standards makes it easier to execute PV power plant projects, for example through simplified approval processes in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, India or Israel.

Facilitate flexible system planning

The Sunny Central inverters 2500-EV and 2500-EV-US for PV power plants with 1500 V DC voltage and the Sunny Central 2200 and SC2200-US inverters for 1000 V DC voltage facilitate flexible  system  planning for PV  projects  into  the gigawatt range and considerably lower the BOS (balance of system) costs thanks to maximum power density and integration. They can be used with all module types. An integrated voltage supply and additional space are available for installation of customer equipment. All Sunny Central inverters have been optimized and tested for installation outdoors, even under difficult conditions, and their robust, tried-and-tested air cooling system OptiCool ensures smooth operation, even in extreme ambient temperatures. (HCN)

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