Ingeteam extends its range of three-phase string inverters

3/4/16, 8:00 AM -

Ingeteam has just launched onto the market its new PV string inverter models, delivering output powers of up to 40 kW in a single inverter. In addition further three models have also been presented:  24 kW, 28 kW and 33 kW. They are available from now on throughout Europe.

The new Ingecon inverters installed in Italy.

These string inverters are suitable for immediate rooftop placement and they perform at full capacity no matter the inclination of the structure they are attached to.

Dual MPPT inside

This is the Ingecon Sun 3Play TLM Series of inverters, featuring dual MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) and maximum efficiency level of 98.5 per cent. This inverter family is suitable for self-consumption systems with no injection of excess energy into the public grid.

First installations done

Ingeteam has already started to supply these new models to many different markets. The models available until now, with output powers ranging from 10 to 20 kW, are already installed in countries such as Switzerland, Italy, Argentina, Paraguay, France, Australia, Chile, India, El Salvador, Brazil, Mexico, United States and Spain. (HS)