Esdec: Mounting system with adjustable roof hook

12/30/19, 9:09 AM -

Video: As part of the pv Guided Tours 2019 at The smarter E Europe in Munich, Esdec presented its new mounting system with a bi-directionally adjustable roof hook system.

Esdec from the Netherlands has developed a ladle system with a special roof hook. It is mounted into the roof construction and can be screwed behind the battens. The hook is adjustable in two directions to compensate for unevenness on the roof or different tile thicknesses. See this innovation in the video of our pv Guided Tour 2019!

The technician can turn the hook in to install the modules horizontally or vertically. This saves Esdec a crossbar. Esdec also took a quick look at the flat roof system Flatfix Fusion for quick assembly. Base element and dome stand on a round, moving foot. As a result, the system itself is flexible, allowing Esdec to avoid the so-called caterpillar effect. (mfo)

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