Solar advice: Install LEDs instead of light bulbs!

1/28/19, 5:00 PM -

Usually the largest single cost factor in a residential home is lighting. Obsolete light bulbs only use about ten percent of the electricity to make light. 90 percent are lost as heat. Replace it by modern products!

Obviously this office was designed by a LED expert.

Conventional light bulbs produce heat rather than light, because they are based on a glowing filament made of tungsten. Modern LEDs use almost all of the electricity to make light. They use the solar effect other way round: Turning electricity into light with the help of certain semiconductors.

Stay as cool as your lights

You can clearly notice this from the fact that they stay cool, i.e. there is much less loss. A good LED needs about a tenth of the electricity to produce the same amount of light. And because it does not heat up so much, it lasts much longer.

And: The price of LEDs has come down so much, that exchanging them for regular light bulbs pays off within one or two years. The same is true for industrial lighting systems which often use mercury vapour lamps. These, too, use up a lot of electricity and can easily be replaced by LEDs. (HS)

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