Solar advice: 44 degrees centigrade is enough!

12/9/19, 5:00 PM -

If you are producing solar electricity, you should convert your hot water systems to electric boilers. Because the water temperature can be adjusted to exactly what is desired – sufficient for cleaning even the most persistently greasy frying pans.

Hot water causes a high demand for heat - all around the year.

The demand for hot water is more or less the same over the course of the year. During the late spring and summer, that demand can entirely be met by solar power. That increases the level of self-consumption. A combination with special hot water heat pumps can also make sense.

Heating of water close to the tap

If you only require a little hot water (kitchen, bathroom(s), sauna), it is better to fit all taps with electric water heaters or boilers. Instantaneous water heaters generally require large amounts of electricity for short periods of time.

Boilers work better in combination with PV, because the water can be heated when the solar generators produce sufficient amounts of power, and then kept hot for a long time. Small devices also allow the heating of water close to the tap – for instance as under-sink units.

44 degrees centigrade is enough

Because the boiler is usually installed more closely to the tap, water hygiene is improved. 44 degrees centigrade from the tap is far sufficient for cleaning even the most persistently greasy frying pans. There is no need for long pipes, which also reduces the energy loss and the risk of dangerous germs accumulating.

Electric sub-systems further give greater flexibility as far as changes in demand are concerned, depending on the occupants and their needs for hot water. And some days the house might be of people: friends, children and grandchildren or any other guests. (HS)


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