Solar advice: Switch to e-mobility!

12/16/19, 5:00 PM -

Deciding to put up a PV installation signifies a rethink. Charge your car by yourself – by a simple socket or a wallbox at your home.

The wallbox is the new fuel station for e-cars.

Whereas so far the electricity has been coming from the grid, it is now produced on your own property, much less expensive than the grid power. Almost as useful as solar batteries can be electric vehicles – of any size.

Garden machines, pedelecs, e-scooters

From the lawn mower to grandpa’s (or the friendly neighbour’s) electric wheel chair to pedelecs (e-bicycles) and e-scooters for the family. All of these contain lithium batteries which can conveniently be charged with solar electricity.

Small e-cars for everyday use

Ultimately, there is the small electric car that can be used to go shopping, for short trips or to commute to work. For it is especially such frequent short trips that use up a lot of the fuel budget of conventional cars.

To charge up an electric car, you need a wallbox charging point next to or inside your garage or in your carport. Which, of course, has been covered in high-performance solar panels. It is recommended to get a three-phase charging system capable of producing a decent output at short notice. (HS)

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