Spain: 4 GW new PV installations in 2019

3/18/19, 11:43 AM -

With forecasted 4 GW new PV installations Spain is the hotspot for solar in Europe in 2019. Recently the government raised the renewable electricity target to 74% by 2030.

175 MW subsidy-free PV park south of Sevilla.
175 MW subsidy-free PV park south of Sevilla.

“We are very optimistic”, Jose Donoso, General Director of Spanish PV association UNEF said at SolarPower Summit in Brussels. He expects 4 GW of new PV installations for 2019 with a share of 400 MW for self-consumption. The total installed PV capacity in Spain will reach more than 9 GW this year according to Donoso.

For the next decade (2020-2030) Donoso expects an increase of 28 GW new PV in the country. Recently the Spanish government increased the renewable electricity target from presently 40 % to 74 % in 2030.

Pipeline of subsidy-free 2.3 GW solar PPAs in Spain

Subsidy-free Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are the new financing and marketing trend for PV. Solar PPA projects with 2.3 GW are in the pipeline in Spain currently. More than 2 GW of PPA projects have been signed in 2018. Now Luxcara and Alpiq entered into long-term PPA for the solar plant El Salobral. The solar project is located in the southern Spanish municipality of Espejo. With a capacity of approximately 45 MW.

“Already back in 2015, we started to focus on projects in grid parity markets and to structure PPAs with reliable offtakers for our wind and solar portfolio. We are happy to now enter into an agreement with Alpiq for this solar project in Spain”, says Dr. Philip Sander, Managing Partner of Luxcara.

At the end of 2017, the solar project El Salobral was acquired by Luxcara for a portfolio for institutional investors. With the solar project Guillena-Salteras, Luxcara added another Spanish solar project to its portfolio in December 2018. (HCN)

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