Solar self-consumption on the rise in France Solarworld reports

12/15/16, 1:55 PM -

Solar self-sufficiency now also prevails in France. Several reference projects recently have been realized with Solarworld modules.

The carports for supermarket customers were covered with glass-glass modules on a E.Leclerc supermarket near Bordeaux.

In Paris, a first residential and office building was inaugurated, in which tenants directly use the electricity from the roof and thus save energy costs. The object is one of several lighthouse projects that Solar World has equipped in France. The trend towards self-sufficiency is promoted by a new tender program by the French government. This means that the program is in a positive contrast to calls for tenders in Germany, where self-consumption is expressly excluded. The French tender program is also ahead of the German tender program, taking into account sustainability criteria for solar modules, Solarworld`s CEO Frank Asbeck says.

500 kW installation on a E.Leclerc supermarket

The largest self-consumption photovoltaic plant in southwest France was opened in November in Pineuilh near Bordeaux on the site of an E.Leclerc supermarket. The carports for supermarket customers were covered with glass-glass modules. This 500 kilowatt installation will produce about 580 megawatt hours of electricity per year. 99 per cent of the solar power is consumed in the supermarket itself, which considerably reduces electricity costs. "This is an excellent economic model," said CEO Michel-Edouard Leclerc on the occasion of the inauguration in November. In the coming year, three additional parking shelters from E.Leclerc will be equipped with Solarworld modules. E.Leclerc, one of the largest French retail chains with an annual turnover of 44.4 billion euros in 2015 and 110,000 employees, documents the installation of its sustainable company orientation.

First tenement in Paris with self-consumption

For the first time, a residential and office building in the center of Paris is dedicated to the use of its own solar power. In the course of the energetic refurbishment of the historic building from the 19th century, the landlord had instigated the installation of a 90 square meter photovoltaic system from Solarworld modules. The energy production of the glass-glass modules and the consumption of the various rental parties are monitored by the intelligent energy management system MyLight Systems and controlled in real time in accordance with the weather prediction. Depending on the time of day, 50 to 80 percent of solar energy consumption is covered. Due to the consumption of the 12,000 kilowatt hours of solar power annually, the electricity costs for the building are noticeably reduced. Tenants benefit directly from this. 

16 school rooftops equipped

In the Center-Val de Loire region, 16 secondary high schools now use self-contained systems with Solarworld modules. In a pilot project of the Regional Council, they installed photovoltaic systems of 20 kilowatts each on rooftops. The schools consume 99 percent of the generated energy themselves. Louis Sirand, managing director of the installation company Enerpur Étanchéitè explains: "Tested safety was important to us. That's why we chose Solarworld modules.” (HCN)

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