Netherlands pushes solar with ambitious national energy plan

2/3/17, 12:00 PM -

Wirsol sees the Netherlands as one of the most important solar growth markets, due to an ambitious national energy plan. It foresees that 1-2 million households shall be equipped with PV installations within the next 10 years. Recently Wirsol opened a 30 MW solar park near Groningen.

Wirsol sees the Netherlands as one of the most dynamic growth markets for PV in Europe. Recently the company inaugurated a 30 MW solar park near Groningen.

 “The most important market driver is the national energy plan, which the Dutch government has agreed on with relevant stakeholders”, company speaker Jürgen Scheurer told pv Europe. Goal is to massively expand renewable energy and make the country climate neutral until 2050.

Complement 6 GW of windfarms with solar by 2023

The national energy plan foresees to equip 1-2 million households with PV installations within the next ten years. Scheurer also sees a great potential to complement 6 GW of onshore windfarms that are planned until 2023 with solar parks. “The Netherlands are one of the most important growth markets for Wirsol”, he says.

Sunport Delfzijl plant

Wirsol financed and build the 30 MW solar park near Groningen, that went online recently. Partners were among others Canadian Solar, SMA, MKG, Ökokraft and Netze BW, Scheurer said. Almost 120.000 CS6P-265P-WS solar modules of Canadian have been installed. The so-called Sunport Delfzijl plant was developed for Gronigen Seaports’ Delfzijler port in Oosterhorn. Its construction required a total investment of about EUR 40 million.

Long-term partnership

The solar park will be selling its output, estimated to be enough to power more than 7,500 homes a year, to local utility Eneco Holding NV. Commenting on the milestone, Wircon managing director Peter Vest said that the inauguration of this facility marks the start of a long-term partnership with Groningen Seaports.

Sign for sustainability

"With this largest solar park in the Netherlands, we as a municipality are a clear sign that sustainability is of paramount importance to us. Thus, as a chemical park and community, we are jointly able to make our industry more and more sustainable with respect for the World Natural Heritage Wattenmeer (Natura 2000) ", explained Ijzebrand Rijzebol, the deputy of the Municipality of Delfzijl.

Investments in green electricity

Groningen Seaports is proud of the investment in its port area. According to Harm Post, the managing director of Groningen Seaports, this investment in green electricity, ie sustainable electricity from the Netherlands, is an important support for the establishment of new companies.

"It is becoming increasingly apparent that the availability of such a green power supply is a prerequisite for the establishment of companies in the North Groningen port area. In addition, this solar park is setting an important target for sustainable energy projects, as stipulated in the Green Deal Agreement with the Dutch Ministry of Environment and Infrastructure”, said Harm Post. (HCN)

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