Krannich Solar extends its activities in Mexico – interesting market for own-consumption

8/16/16, 11:00 AM -

Krannich Solar sees good growth perspectives in Mexico and expands its regional presence. Current electricity prices make PV systems of up to 25 kW attractive for self-consumption.

Krannich Solar is increasing its local presence in Mexico.

The appointment of Christof Kling as Regional Manager for Mexico represents a further step by the photovoltaic wholesalers in the extension of its activities in the Central American state. The establishment of a marketing office directly in the Mexican capital takes account of a growing customer base in the region, thereby providing local support.

Regional office with four-persons

The four-person team provides on-the-scene technical support, training events throughout Mexico and information about developments in the PV industry through a newsletter. “I see myself as the interface between an advanced German market and its still-young Mexican counterpart”, Kling said.

Net metering up to 500 kWh

Located in the “sun belt”, Mexico represents one of the most attractive locations world-wide for photovoltaics in terms of the amount of solar irradiation. Solar electricity from systems of up to 500 kWh is invoiced via the net metering procedure. Current electricity prices make photovoltaic systems with an output of up to 25 kWp attractive for own-consumption.

1.5 GW new installations expected in 2017

The installed photovoltaic capacity is currently relatively low. Experts believe that 2016 could see growth in this area of around 645 MW. 2017 could even see a further 1.5 GW being added. (HCN)

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