Booming Swedish PV market driven by quality Solarwatt says

12/19/17, 2:41 PM -

Demand is growing for high-quality solar PV among households and businesses in Sweden as customers look to save on energy costs and limit their carbon footprint.

Solar glass-glass modules of Solarwatt see high demand in Sweden.
Solar glass-glass modules of Solarwatt see high demand in Sweden.

Industry insiders are preparing for the trend to gather pace if, as expected, residential users benefit from the same level of financial support currently available to companies. It is believed grants for investment in solar PV residential systems will rise from 20% to 30% in January, matching the rate for commercial systems, though this has yet to be confirmed.

Growth by 60 percent

Daniel Karlsson, Executive Vice President & Head of Purchasing at Ecokraft, a renewable-energy installation firm, said: “The Swedish PV market is expected to have grown in 2017 by some 60% on the previous year. We doubled sales this year, growing a lot faster that the industry average.  Next year we are aiming to double again. “We encourage everyone to choose glass-glass panels from Solarwatt, the market and technology leader in that field, as these modules really last a lifetime,” said Mr Karlsson, whose firm, a Solarwatt ‘premium partner’, celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2018. “Choosing only the best quality enabled us to realise our growth, double our employee base and installation teams and open up new offices. Our commitment to quality includes our expertise in installation, and advice based on 10 years’ experience.”

85 percent share of glass-glass solar modules

Hallands Energiutveckling AB, a Solarwatt premium partner in Getinge is also looking to grow its business following a successful 2017. The solar installation firm opened new offices in the south of Sweden and expects to bring forward more offices to keep up with the demand for high-quality installations. Solarwatt’s ultra-efficient full glass-glass range, with poly mono and mono PERC (passivated emitter and rear cell) panels, accounts for 85% of demand for the German company’s products among customers, according to Thomas Gustafsson, Managing Director of Hallands Energiutveckling. The new glass foil Black 60M modules complete its offering.

Energy storage as key driver

A further key driver for solar demand is the gathering take-up of breakthrough storage technology. Both Solarwatt premium partners have been installing the German manufacturer’s MyReserve intelligent DC-coupled storage system this year. Next year they are looking to expand in the storage field as well. The new Matrix modular storage system, to be launched by Solarwatt in 2018, is also expected to generate much attention.

“Adding storage to our portfolio, and from the manufacturer who for years has been our preferred module supplier, brings a really fantastic benefit to our customers,” said Thomas Gustafsson. “The addition of effective, safe, high-quality energy storage transforms the solar PV market. It’s the holy grail for cost- and environment-conscious householders and SMEs. We know Solarwatt is focused on getting the best of the best products out there, and we are confident these storage systems will dominate the Swedish market going forward.”

87 percent self-sufficiency over a four months period

Oscar Gustavsson, CEO and founder of Ecokraft, said MyReserve had exceeded all expectations. “Our customers reached 95% self-sufficiency in June and 87% over a four-month period, which really shows a good performance in Sweden. “Adding storage has been part of our vision and philosophy all along and Ecokraft has designed a lot of its PV systems to be able to retrofit Solarwatt storage solutions. The storage market is all set for a strong boost in 2018. Solarwatt made every promise come true with their well thought-through storage systems.”

Optimistic outlook not only for Sweden

Pol Spronck, International Sales Manager for Solarwatt, added: “Not for nothing have we won the battle of increasing the market shares the most in Germany. With 17% market share today, we have grown faster than anyone else. “Solarwatt is the only German company that manufacturers modules, batteries and storage solutions – all to the highest quality levels in the market. It is good to hear partners are proud to be carrying our brand and products.” In 2018 Solarwatt plans to more than double its 2017 figures in Sweden and grow its already considerable market share to take an even more prominent position. The company’s ambitious Nordic strategy is also to expand in Norway, Denmark and Finland. (HCN)

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