BayWa r.e. and Huawei cooperate closer

11/19/18, 2:03 PM -

BayWa r.e. and Huawei renewed a comprehensive cooperation agreement in the PV and renewable energy business.

BayWa r.e.’s Don Rodrigo 175MW Smart PV Plant, Spain.
BayWa r.e.’s Don Rodrigo 175MW PV Plant, Spain.

The two parties jointly announced a deep cooperation on the global PV power plant project business and promote the intelligent upgrade of the global renewable energy industry. Mr. Benedikt Ortmann, Managing Director and Mr. Tino Weiss, Director of Global Purchasing of BayWa r.e. Solar Projects,  Mr. Chen Guoguang, President of Huawei Smart PV Global Sales and Service, as well as many other senior leaders attended the annual cooperation meeting in Shenzhen to expand the framework agreement.

600 MW inverters provided

In 2016, BayWa r.e. chose to cooperate with Huawei. Within two years, Huawei provided BayWa r.e. with around 600MW inverters and Smart PV solutions, which was highly recognized by BayWa r.e. The company’s solar project pipeline consists of more than 5 GW. As a core supplier, Huawei will apply the most advanced technologies to BayWa's PV power plants. (HCN)

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