Successful business case: 3 MW PV rooftop installation with onsite direct wire PPA in Torino

1/12/17, 11:27 AM -

An outstanding showcase for a subsidy-free business model for PV is the onsite direct wire for a 3 MW rooftop installation at L´Oreal building in Torino/Italy. 

Largest PPA project in Italy: 3 MW rooftop installation on a L’Oreal facility, Torino, Italy. The system supplies about 30 percent of the power required on site.

The 3 MW rooftop PV installation is located near the town of Torino in Piedmont, Italy on the roof of the L’Oreal building. This PV system cost just over 3,000,000 EUR which corresponds to a specific system cost of about 1,000 EUR/kW and is owned by an Enersol SPV, with Enersol being the main investor in the project.

8-12 percent below the retail electricity price

The solar electricity generation estimated for the plant is 3,600 MWh/year, with a specific yield of 1,200 kWh/kW. The power is sold to L’Oreal through an onsite direct wire PPA, and is the largest PPA project in Italy. The PPA price tracks the retail electricity price for the company minus a discount of between 8-12 percent.

No support scheme or tax incentive

It received no support scheme or tax incentive. It is assumed the solar system will supply about 30% of the power required on site. The PV installation complements the existing biomass boiler and district heating system. The project is listed in the new report of SolarPower Europe about EU-wide solar PV business cases, that was released yesterday. (HCN)

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