Self-consumption saves up to 20,000 Euro yearly in Domus Energethica

1/13/17, 11:00 AM -

Tenants and the Energy Service Company save money with solar self-consumption in Domus Energethica building in Tradate/Italy.

Energy efficient building Domus Energethica in Tradate/Italy with solar self-consumption also for Power2Heat.

The “Domus Energethica” is a new build six storey mixed residential and commercial building with about 40 apartments and several shops on the ground floor. It is located in Tradate near Varese, in the Lombardy region of Italy.

Integrated Power2Heat

The building is an energy efficient building with Energy Performance Certificate A. It has 80 kW PV on the roof. It also has electric space heating, cooling and hot water which maximizes the electricity demand in the building despite the high energy efficiency. A geothermal installation also supplies heat to the building. The PV installation cost 100,000 EUR, or 1,250 EUR/kW. It was financed together with the financing of the construction of the building.

Cooperation with Energy Service Company

The PV plant is and will remain under the ownership of the building company which will use an Energy Services Company (i.e. a company that is contracted to provide all types of energy to the building with the aim of achieving a certain comfort level or range of temperatures) to sell a holistic energy package to the occupiers.

High self-consumption rate

The total annual electricity demand is forecasted to be just over 100 MWh, and the PV system is expected to generate 95 MWh/year. The self- consumption rate is expected to be higher than for residential only buildings thanks to the shops on the ground floor.

Guaranteed energy costs for tenants

The Energy Services Company (ESCO) will save between 16,000 and 20,000 EUR/year thanks to self-consuming the PV electricity rather than buying it from the grid at the retail price of 0.23 EUR/kWh. Because this is done with an energy services model, the developer has been able to guarantee to tenants that the energy costs will be maximum 750 EUR per year per apartment, replacing their utility bills. The self-consumption project is listed in the new report of SolarPower Europe about successful PV business case models. (HCN)

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