Storage advice: Prefer kit-based systems

6/13/19, 5:00 PM -

Cookie cutter solutions are rarely called for and also make very little sense. Every project should be assessed and planned individually – but made of standardized components.

Modular design commercial storage systems cover a broad range of capacity and system power.

Most suppliers and retailers of commercial storage offer to support their B2B customers in planning and designing large-scale storage solutions. The system should consist of standardized components as power electronics modules and battery modules, which one can combine very easily. So, the storage device may grow with its tasks.

Lead still cheaper than lithium

During the last two years there came some companies up with such systems. They base on lithium cells or lead cells. Lead is still cheaper than lithium but the gap is closing.

Some companies have already supplied large-scale solar batteries to a number of commercial customers. Asian cell suppliers BYD, Samsung and LG Chem offer very large storage batteries adapted to wind power, solar parks and grid storage, often in the form of container solutions ready for connection. Some suppliers have redox flow battery systems specifically tailored to the needs of the manufacturing industries.

Assembly of battery modules

Most suppliers of commercial storage systems buy the lithium cells and assemble them to compact battery modules. They combine the battery modules with their own power electronics to adoptable systems. These kit-based systems allow a variety of system configurations.

Because no project is like the other. Constantly changing parameters and demands call for a solution that needs to be adapted very precisely. The battery needs to be able to cope with the charging current. If the charging current is very strong and the battery cannot take in the electricity, this can become a problem.

Reaction time is crucial

In contrast to private domestic storage, the currents for charging and discharging that commercial units are subjected to are much higher. Also, operational requirements can change very quickly. Therefore, the reaction time of the control unit is crucially important. (HS)

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