Storage advice: No cooling for transport required

4/23/19, 5:00 PM -

Normally lithium storage units do not need special cooling containers for transport to the customer. Importing from Asia by ship is a different matter.

This storage device was made in Germany. The delivery within Europe takes no risk.

Because lithium batteries are considered hazardous goods, they are often not transported within the ship’s hold. The containers are placed above deck, where the tropical sun can easily heat them up to 60 degrees Celsius and more. So, refrigerated containers are needed, similar to the cold chain in the food industry. It is important to continuously monitor the cells’ temperature during the transport.

Monitoring the cells or the packages

This is achieved by monitoring the individual packages or cells. Some cells are marked with heat-sensitive stickers that irreversibly change colour once the allowable storage temperature is exceeded. If that is not done, there is the risk of damage to the battery, such as loss of capacity, increased internal resistance and loss of safety. (HS)

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