Storage advice: Island inverters are key to system speed

6/14/19, 5:00 PM -

Depending on how fast the battery is to be charged and discharged, it is equipped with island inverters of matching output. They are the key to system performance.

Three phase inverter system for the Powerball storage systems.

The capacity of commercial storage systems ranges from 10 kilowatt hours to about three megawatt hours. Small island inverters offer an output power between 2.3 and six kilowatts.

The more island inverters are fitted and the higher their output, the more can the system store and deliver in the shortest possible time. Some supplier of storage systems use their own power electronic to increase the output and to diminish the gap between on-grid operation and off-grid (island) mode.

An example for an island inverter

The speed of charging for the battery is calculated as the storage capacity (in kilowatt hours), divided by the output of the island inverters (in kilowatts). A commercial storage unit of 60 kilowatt hours which is regulated by three Sunny Island charge controllers of six kilowatts each (together: 18 kilowatts) therefore takes 3.3 hours for a full charge or discharge. (HS)

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